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Negative Thoughts Getting You Down? Here are a few tips to help.

Negative Thoughts Getting You Down?

Would it surprise you to learn that everyone has them? How about the fact that the average person has between 60 -70,000 thoughts per day- it would be next to impossible to think that in numbers that high that non of them are going to be negative, wouldn’t it? The answer isn’t to stop the negative thoughts. It’s to learn how not to ruminate on them.

Here are the key takeaways:

● Realize and recognize that it really is just a thought, not necessarily a fact. ● Acknowledge that it’s there and let it go.
● Try thinking about alternatives to that thought. For example: "Ok, maybe this could happen, BUT, this could also happen." Replace the thought.
● Practice not defining a situation or a thought as a character defect. In other words, don’t take it personally.

Negative Thoughts? Here's how to help prevent them from brining you down!